Project Description

Mussel Festival

Mussel Festival, 3 days full of celebration, between Ksamil and Saranda miracles. Butrinti’s Lake Queen unifies tradition, tourism and culture!

Saranda, Albania with the Mussel Festival which is already a tradition for this city will officially starts this year’s the Tourist Season Opening. This year, for the first time, the Mussel Festival will take place on June 3rd 2016 in Ksamil, a village near Saranda and a day after it will occur the ceremony of Tourist Season Opening in Saranda City.

This event gathers thousands of people, not only Saranda citizens, but citizens from throughout the country, diaspora and tourists to enjoy the beauties of this southern city.

The Feast of Mussels is already a popular special event and represents a typical celebration of Saranda (known as City of Forty Saints) which has won the hearts and culinary tastes that mussel gives to its admirers.

Very important is to promote hundred special mussel recipes, the experience and taste which in the middle of these dishes to be Butrinti’s mussel enjoyed and consumed by the community. To create opportunities not only for entertainment but also for the economic impact (tourism before the season).

How it started?

In this coastal, picturesque city, with a harbor, developed fishing and tourism was missing such kind of event and it was a need for this city to have their own event “Made in Saranda”. This local feast is based as well as on a city’s slogan “the Mussel, Butrinti’s Lake Queen” and this celebration gives her the crown as queen of Saranda.

Saranda June 3-4 -5, join this event to celebrate Albania’s Traditional Mussels Festival and Opening of Tourist Season “Summer 2016”. Don’t miss it!