Project Description

Blue Eye

Blue Eye is not only a destination to visit, but also a marvel of nature and a natural monument. It is found in the Muzina village of Delvina district. Blue and green water that bubbles all the time. Its depth and color are linked to the legend of a large snake, which used to assault everyone and every cattle in the village.

The legend narrates of a giant snake that lived into the abyss of the sea. One day, a very strong wind blew up causing a powerful storm that shook up the entire sea, bringing to the earth’s surface a snake. As a result of the powerful natural phenomena the snake was thrown to the Sopot’s mountain. It was so big that it could devour everyone that came across and destroyed the plantations.

An old man decided to find a solution on how to kill the snake for good. So he took two donkeys, charged them with sack filled with tinder and set the sacks on fire. On its way to Sopot’s mountain, meanwhile the snake ate two other men.

The moment it saw the old man, the snake attempted to assault him but fortunately he managed to escape and the snake devoured the two donkeys carrying the burning tinder. The flames burned the snake from inside making it scream from pain: “Where are you brother sea? Where are you sister Bistrica (the river)?” In the agony of death, the snake flung his tail on the mountain slope. Even today, the scars on the mountain are very visible.

Since then, the sea and the mountain are like father and son. Soon after the snake died, a flow of pure water sprung from his eye forming the Blue Eye. It is fed from the River Bistrica. The wonderful blue-green color is the result of a huge depth of this source, creating the illusion of a giant blue iris with shades of green.